Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally at peace

My mother, Elizabeth (Beth) Corbett Tolman passed away June 9, 2011. She is finally free from all the pain and suffering her body was inflicted with. I have to say, it was a relief to know she doesn't have to endure the hardships of diabetes, congestive heart failure, and 'old age' that her mortal body went through. Also, to know that she is now reunited with the love of her life, Rex, her Celestial Missionary son, Mike, her parents, Ed & Maud Corbett, her grandson, Caleb, and great granddaughter, Zoey. What a reunion that must have been! I know how much she loved these people so to be able to be with them again must be wonderful!

The Paulbearers: Six of her handsome grandsons. From l to r--Mike Forsgren, KC Franson, Malachi Tolman, Seth Batz, Jonathon Forsgren, and Weaton Forsgren. She wanted to have one grandson from each of her childrens' family but Tim's son, Andrew, was unable to make it. How she loved her grandchildren, especially her grandsons!

Finally her mortal body is layed to rest along side her beloved Rex...

and next to her son, Mike....

not far from her parents.

I really do like funerals in the fact that they are more like reunions for us. We get to see family members and friends that we rarely get to otherwise. These are two of my beautiful nieces, Rachel and Josie.

Josie and Rachel with cousins, sisters Jeralynn and Nancy.

Edward's children, Gideon, Tiffany, Josh and Malachi.

The 5 of us together. I love how all our eyes nearly squint shut when we are smiling.

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