Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hair Flowers

Pretty much everyone that knows me knows I like to make things. I love to crochet anything from doilies to baby blessing gowns to afghans. I sew (I do custom sewing). I love making quilts and baby blankets, burp rags, most anything baby. I make stick horses. You name it I like to do it. I had 3 girls and loved making all kinds of hair bows and things for their hair. These hair flowers are the latest of many things I like to do. I have started selling them & had someone ask me if I had a web site. No...I'm not that smart, but I can post them here on my blog. So here you go. Most the flowers here are $5. There are a few smaller ones that are $3 and $4. Specify which one you want and I will let you know for sure the price. I also make headbands that the flowers can clip to. If I can find the color of flower you want I will custom make one.

I don't have many white ones pictured because I ran out of flowers. I will have more done up this week.

I also am always keeping my eyes peeled for black flowers because I get several requests for them, so if anyone sees any in their shopping excursions let me know.

You can either comment here on my blog or email me at for any questions or requests. Thank you!

Our Distinguished Dude

Last year the Junior Miss committee decided to add a fundraiser to the program. They started the 'Junior Mr.' here at Blackfoot High School. This year the title, 'Junior Miss', has been changed to 'Distinguished Young Woman' so they changed the fundraiser to 'Distinguished Dude.' The boys do essentially the same things as the girls...have an opening number, introduce themselves, do a fitness number, a talent, and the 'strut', which is self-expression for the girls. KC did not say anything about doing it this year. In fact, I didn't hear anything about it until I got a phone call one evening while KC was at work. It was his best friend, Matt, calling on a Monday night (the program was set for that Thursday) asking if KC would want to do this. They had 2 or 3 boys drop out because of the state BPA competition so they needed to fill their spots. KC practiced three times with them, did a talent with Matt and another friend, Layne, and strutted his stuff. What did he get for his efforts? 2nd runner up to the Distinguished Dude, out of 17 boys. Plus he one the 'Strut' competition. Pretty good I'd say! This is a picture of some of the boys. Third from the left is KC's friend, Matt, fourth from the left is Colton, who one the title of Distinguished Dude, next to him is Layne, then KC on the far right. All 3 of the boys winning the title or runner's up are in our ward. Pretty good huh? Way to go KC! These next two pictures were last fall during Homecoming Week. KC was one of the cheerleaders for the Junior Powder Puff team. Not so sure about the 'distinguished' look here. :)
Go KC!