Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretty Princess and a Cool Car

This past weekend was High School Prom. With each daughter, we told them they could get one new prom dress while they were in High School. Do you know how much prom dresses are??? Anyway...when Mataya got asked to Prom she asked us if she was going to get a new dress. John told her he would either buy her a new dress or put$400 towards a new scooter for her. Guess what she chose?! The scooter. She borrowed a dress, which I thought was beautiful.
Once she saw what color her dress was the wheels started turning. The following pictures are the outcome of her creativity, meaning the hair and shoes. Aren't they just fun?!

The traditional prom picture in front of the willow tree with Jud in the picture.

Mataya and her date, Josh

Get a load of those shoes! She said that was the most comfortable dance she has gone to yet. I love it! Wish I would have been smart enough to think of that when I was going to formal dances.

Another great view of the pink highlights in her hair.

And look what he picked her up in!!! A brand new Corvette! His dad brought it up for him to use for the evening. Mataya said it was by far the coolest, classiest car there. And driving through town with the top down was the best! Even better than a limo because everyone could see who was in the car.

She had a super fun time and her date was a perfect gentleman the whole night. It is such a relief, as a mom, when your kids come home from a big date like that and they have had a great time. Thanks Josh and parents for making this such a memorable evening for Mataya.
p.s. Isn't she just beautiful?