Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picnic Anyone?

I have a hard time throwing things away if I think I have a purpose for them. I have saved all our jeans that have worn out over the years with the intent of making jeans quilts with them. I think I have only ever gotten one made. Just recently I came up with the idea of making picnic blankets. I found a shop that sells heavier canvas-type fabric at a super good price (some of it is only $3 a yard for 54"wide fabric). These sew up really quickly and because of the heaviness of the jean blocks and the material for the back there is no need to put a batting in the middle. So far in the last 3 weeks or so I have made 3 of them. I have been giving them as wedding presents but am entertaining the idea of possibly selling some. I still have 4 plastic tote tubs full of jeans! Gotta use them up! When I thought of starting the first one, it was before Kim left for her mission. She gave me the idea of putting the bandana fabric on the blocks to make them look like patches. I didn't do it on the first blanket I made but have on the next two and quite like the look it gives.

I think we all could use a picnic blanket and take time out from our busy lives to just go enjoy a lunch hour or afternoon outside relaxing a little bit. How long has it been since we have done that?

Finally finished!

I love finished projects! Sometimes it takes me a while to finish something I have started because I either get bored from working on it so much or I get distracted with other things that take precedence over the current project. I started this log cabin quilt almost exactly 3 years ago. I wanted to use up scraps of material I had. Like a dummy who hasn't made one of these quilts before, I just started cutting out strips without much thought of how wide they really needed to be cut. As I started sewing them up I realized what I had done. By then I was determined to keep going because I don't like throwing things away. Once I finished the top I then had to find a back for it. That took a while until I found the material I liked. Once that was done I could send it over to my friend, Shanda, in Boise. She does machine quilting. She did this one and the one below for me. I just finished binding them and am so excited with the finished results. Because of the narrowness of the strips on this one, after it was sewn up I figured there are just over 6,800 pieces of material in it. Crazy huh!!!

So when I got ready to make this one I was much more wise and planned ahead before I started cutting. I wanted to make this for a very dear friend for her wedding. I knew these were her favorite colors so I went to work. I absolutely love the colors in this one and how it turned out! In a way I cannot wait to make another one! But...I have too many other things I want and need to get done first. I am just thrilled that they turned out as nice as they did!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally at peace

My mother, Elizabeth (Beth) Corbett Tolman passed away June 9, 2011. She is finally free from all the pain and suffering her body was inflicted with. I have to say, it was a relief to know she doesn't have to endure the hardships of diabetes, congestive heart failure, and 'old age' that her mortal body went through. Also, to know that she is now reunited with the love of her life, Rex, her Celestial Missionary son, Mike, her parents, Ed & Maud Corbett, her grandson, Caleb, and great granddaughter, Zoey. What a reunion that must have been! I know how much she loved these people so to be able to be with them again must be wonderful!

The Paulbearers: Six of her handsome grandsons. From l to r--Mike Forsgren, KC Franson, Malachi Tolman, Seth Batz, Jonathon Forsgren, and Weaton Forsgren. She wanted to have one grandson from each of her childrens' family but Tim's son, Andrew, was unable to make it. How she loved her grandchildren, especially her grandsons!

Finally her mortal body is layed to rest along side her beloved Rex...

and next to her son, Mike....

not far from her parents.

I really do like funerals in the fact that they are more like reunions for us. We get to see family members and friends that we rarely get to otherwise. These are two of my beautiful nieces, Rachel and Josie.

Josie and Rachel with cousins, sisters Jeralynn and Nancy.

Edward's children, Gideon, Tiffany, Josh and Malachi.

The 5 of us together. I love how all our eyes nearly squint shut when we are smiling.