Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally finished!

I love finished projects! Sometimes it takes me a while to finish something I have started because I either get bored from working on it so much or I get distracted with other things that take precedence over the current project. I started this log cabin quilt almost exactly 3 years ago. I wanted to use up scraps of material I had. Like a dummy who hasn't made one of these quilts before, I just started cutting out strips without much thought of how wide they really needed to be cut. As I started sewing them up I realized what I had done. By then I was determined to keep going because I don't like throwing things away. Once I finished the top I then had to find a back for it. That took a while until I found the material I liked. Once that was done I could send it over to my friend, Shanda, in Boise. She does machine quilting. She did this one and the one below for me. I just finished binding them and am so excited with the finished results. Because of the narrowness of the strips on this one, after it was sewn up I figured there are just over 6,800 pieces of material in it. Crazy huh!!!

So when I got ready to make this one I was much more wise and planned ahead before I started cutting. I wanted to make this for a very dear friend for her wedding. I knew these were her favorite colors so I went to work. I absolutely love the colors in this one and how it turned out! In a way I cannot wait to make another one! But...I have too many other things I want and need to get done first. I am just thrilled that they turned out as nice as they did!

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