Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Year and a half in the making

For a long time I have wanted to make a Log Cabin Quilt. One day, going thru my scraps of material I decided I was going to start. Being the idiot I am, I gave no real thought to what I was doing, I just started cutting out strips of material. Not until I started sewing them up did I realize how small those strips were going to be once they were sewn up! Oh well! I wasn't going to stop now!!!
I started in July, a year and a half ago, working on it pretty steady, in between gardening and canning and such. Then I had to put it away to work on Christmas projects. Another project came along, then another, then I was sewing dresses for Brittany's wedding. After Christmas this year I was pondering on some resolutions I would like to make and one thing that came to mind was "Finish some of your projects." This quilt top was on the top of the list.
I am proud to say, "I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED IT!!!" It is King size, made to fit our bed. It is just the top right now. I plan to buy some material for the back, some batting, and take it over to Boise to my friend to quilt it with her long-arm machine. No way am I going to quilt this by hand!
It is not perfect, by any means. Some of the seams are crooked, the color scheme wasn't in any real order, (was just trying to use up scraps of material I had), so I won't show the actual product to too many people so they can't see the sloppy job that was done. I hope my friend doesn't cringe too hard at all the mistakes. But guess what???!!! I am proud of it! I did it all by myself and it is my first one! After this, the strips will be bigger and much easier to put together, and all the seams will hopefully be straight and line up!

This is a close-up of a couple of blocks so you can kind of see how it was put together.

Next project? Well--I have a couple of dresses to make for my nieces, then I have some more squares cut up to make a twin quilt. They are much easier! When that is done, I have tons of old jeans I want to sew up into quilts for camping and using for picnics and such. After that....Oh man, do I have lots of ideas and patterns of quilts I want to do! I hope my children like homemade quilts because I plan on keeping them supplied!


  1. Beautiful Linette! You are SO talented!

  2. HOLY COW!!! That is SOME quilt! All those little pieces! That takes patience, time, talent, and devotion! I'm super proud of you for your giant accomplishment! It's gorgeous!!!

  3. Hi Linette!

    This is your Boise Quilting Friend - bring it on over!!!!! Go check out my blog for my Quilting Weekend in Salmon.......